“Nancy Conyers writes from a deep well of experience. She’s seen a lot and has the gift of conveying what she has seen with clarity, grace, and purpose. I learn something new every time I read her writing. I am profoundly grateful for this–and for her.”

Deborah Johnson,

author of The Secret of Magic and The Air Between Us, deborahjohnsonbooks.com

“Nancy Conyers is a world traveler for many years, and her writing echoes and enlarges her marvelous, often challenging, experiences. Her writing deeply expresses her truth, with her humor always skirting the edges. We see our world in new light via her eyes, her stories, her evident joy to be alive. In this time of life/death challenges globally, Ms. Conyers continues to celebrate la vida.”

Almaluz Villanueva,

author of Soft Chaos and Luna’s California Poppies, www.almaluzvillanueva.com

“I was proud to publish Nancy Conyers’ excellent essay, “Christmas in October,” in the Los Angeles Review of Books during my time as Creative Nonfiction editor, and it has since been a pleasure to watch her writing continue to blossom.”

Gina Frangello,

author of Every Kind Of Wanting Blow and Your House Down, www.ginafrangello.org

“Nancy Conyers writes with clarity and passion, a rare mix in a writer. Her work engages the most complex issues of our time and illuminates different perspectives that expand the way we think about our wider world and our inner worlds as well.”

Emily Rapp Black,

New York Times bestselling author of Still Point of the Turning World, Sanctuary, & Frida Kahlo And My Left Leg, www.emilyrappblack.com

“When I think of Nancy Conyers’ writing I think of a light beaming through a diamond.  It’s brilliant, fresh, to the point, yet deeply emotional. She writes from the heart and her perspective is illuminating.”

Krista Suh,

creator of the Pussyhat, author of DIY Rules for a WTF World, and screenwriter for Block Party, www.kristasuh.com

“There’s a generosity of spirt in Nancy Conyers’ writing. It sparkles and shines forth from her beautiful prose. She creates from a deep place, a loving place, one that moves me when I read her work. The breadth of her experience, her education, extensive travels, and her insatiable curiosity about people wherever she goes gives her well-written stories the quality of an embrace. She sees us. She writes to share with us. With craft, intelligence, and care for humanity she edifies and uplifts.”

Toni Ann Johnson,

winner of The Flannery O’Connor Award for Light Skin Gone to Waste, www.toniannjohnson.com


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