As 2015 comes to an end, for the first time in two years, I’m looking back on a year filled with joy, wonder, a year where I resumed my life and my life with Libby. I understand and appreciate simple things like going to the supermarket together or cooking dinner together in a whole new way.

This day two years was the day after my mother’s memorial service. On this day last year I was preparing for my second surgery, scared out of my mind. Today I am two days past finding out I’m one year cancer free. I can look to the future again, make plans and set goals with restored energy.  Life is good.

This picture was taken in Alta, Norway, where my niece, Danielle, and nephew, Chris, and I chased the Aurora Borealis and went fishing in frigid temps on a fjord. It was one of the most magical places I’ve ever been and it was extra special being Chris and Danielle. When they were kids, from the time they were in grade school all the way through high school, they used to come stay with Libby and me in the summers. It always was such a joy to pick them up at the airport, watch them pile into our house where ever we were living, throw their stuff in their rooms, open the refrigerator to see what was in there and make plans for the time we’d be together. We took trips, explored new places and had deep and abiding talks.

The trip to Alta was the first time since 2004, when Libby and I moved to China, that Danielle and Chris visited us at the same time. My life felt whole again, right again, having both of them with us. Having them together in our new home in Sweden, for many reasons, crystallized for me that my life was back. I’m livin’ it and feeling good.

Happy Holidays to everyone. Thank you, thank you for reading. And remember, don’t trust those mammograms!