Food Is Medicine

I never, ever, thought I’d say this, but yesterday I was glad to have chemo.  I was supposed to have it last Monday but my platelet levels were low, at 85 and the threshold is 100. My doctor said I had to wait a week to build them back up otherwise I’d be at risk for bleeding.  They’ll build up naturally in this next week, she told me.

I wasn’t happy that my timetable got pushed back a week, another week out of my life and another week I can’t get back to my life with Libby, but I have to say I was thrilled to have another week of feeling good, feeling like myself and not suffering from the after effects of chemo.

When I got home I obsessively googled how to build up platelet levels and it all came down to the good old common sensical advice: more Omega 3 oils, more kale and other leafy green veggies with high amounts of Vitamin K, more cold pressed olive oil, no processed or sugary foods, eat organic, and exercise. Even though my doctor said the platelet levels would build up naturally, I was leaving nothing to chance. A girl can always use an assist.

I ate more salmon, kale, drank green drinks, and used more of the olive oil I brought from Italy.  I worked out more with my wonderful trainer, Ramleen,, who did copious amounts of research on exercising after axillary dissections and lumpectomies, who knows just how far to push me to give me the best workout without pushing me over the brink.

Last week was heaven. I was myself for the first time in this whole process.

When I got to my appointment yesterday, my blood pressure was up. I was stressed that I wouldn’t be able to do the chemo. Unbelievably to me, I actually wanted it. When my lab work came back, my platelet levels were 309! In one week, I’d taken my platelet levels from 85 to 309. The doctor was astounded, impressed and wanted to know how I did it.  The levels were higher than they’d ever been. When I revealed my “secret” the doc said, “This proves that food is medicine.” Yes, yes it does.

People are medicine too. I had so many texts, emails and calls yesterday from friends and family wanting to know how everything was. It helped me so much to see all the incoming while I was hooked up to the infusions and to answer everyone and feel the love. My sister, Judy, came from PA to be with me since Libby is stuck in Russia, which is helping too.

Today, I’m pumped up on steroids, feeling like I can hit any ball out of the park, but if history is a guide, I’ll crash tomorrow, so I wanted to write this and say thanks to all of you, too, who are reading and responding and making this girl feel like she’s being heard.