The Wider World of Nancy L ConyersIt’s one thing to travel somewhere.  It’s a whole other thing to live there.

When you live somewhere that isn’t your birth country, you live in extremes.  You see more of the beauties and more of the uglies than a casual or trendy traveler does.   You experience many more highs and many more lows.  You are more of an insider and more of an outsider than you ever were, or will be if you return, in your home country.  You become almost agoraphobic and, at the same time, way more adventurous than you ever were in your country of origin.  You take nothing for granted because every single day you are out of your comfort zone and have to think about every single thing you do, every single place you want to go, and every single word you are trying to say.

So much of your daily life you consciously see – things that were second nature to you before you moved.

In the coming posts I’ll explore some of my favorite topics.  Thanks so much for joining me.